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  Established in 2003, Sunrise Technologies, Inc. is an engineering and product development company with offices in Michigan and Florida. Our team of engineers, industrial designers and drafting personnel have many decades of experience behind them. Experience ranges from product design and development; product sourcing, product commercialization and launch; 2D/3D CAD drafting and conversion; mechanical engineering analysis and system integration.  Over the decade we have worked with inventors and organizations and successfully designed, sourced and launched many products in both the industrial and the consumer product arenas. In this day of agile operations, we have established a global network of service providers that can respond as needed to your expanding requirements. This offers scalability without the need for internal overhead, training or IT infrastructure.  We can sign the necessary confidentiality agreements to get you started. We offer a complete range of options to enable you to get your product to market on-performance, on-time and within budget.  

Services and Areas of Expertise


  Areas of expertise: 

Consumer Product Design 

Mechanical Engineering and Analysis 

Solar Module Systems Integration

 Special Purpose Machine Tool Design

  Equipment Design


Innovation and New Product Development/Commercialization (consumer and industrial products)   

Custom Engineered product design (one-of-a-kind or low volume products) 

CAD Conversion and Web Parts Catalog  



(1) 2D CAD Services 

You provide us:  2D legible drawings in a paper or scanned format (Hard Copy/PDF/TIFF/JPEG). 

We provide you:  2D drawings in a CAD format dwg/dxf   

  • All drawings are on a 1:1 scale, and can be fitted to your template for plotting purposes.  
  • Drawings are created in metric or standard dimensions as specified at order placement.
  • We adhere to your CAD standards which must be provided at time of quotation. 
  • All CAD work is manually drafted via engineering staff with no auto-conversions.   

(2) 3D CAD Services –  Ideal way to electronically express what are flat, two dimensional objects into a three dimensional object that can be rotated, surface sculpted, stressed under a force, checked for machinability, inserted into a parts manual or even weighed right on your computer… 

(A) Paper or Scanned Prints or 2D Drawings to 3D CAD Models 

  • You provide us:  2D legible drawings in a paper or scanned or Drawing format (Hard Copy/PDF/TIFF/JPEG/dxf/dwg). 
  • We provide you:  3D models in a CAD format. 
  • Created in Solidworks to a format specified at time of order. 
  • 3D Part model will include 2D drawings that match your 2D drawings.    

(B) Prototype Models to 3D CAD Models A prototype model has been made, and you need it transferred into a 3D model for further evaluation such as Stress Analysis, Sub-component Interference Checking, Mechanism functionality etc… 

(C) Web Parts Catalog and Website downloadable Configured 3D CAD models  Lock in your clients with your 3D product designs. Once your CAD models are used and specified by their engineers, purchasing will buy that what is specified… 

Contact us for a quote.  

New Product Development


New Product Design/Development Processes

Get to market on-spec, on-time and within budget…  

  • Business 
    • NDA
    • Opportunity and IP
    • Provisional Patent
    • New Business Opportunity Analysis
    • Preliminary Financials
    • Preliminary Project Plan
  • Product      
    • Design Guide
    • Design and Prototype Creation
    • 3D Model and Simulation
    • Packaging Concepts
    • Market Evaluation
    • Preliminary Product Plan
    • Vendor Evaluation (Domestic/LCC)
    • Financial Plan
    • Project Plan
  • Commercialization Planning
    • Product Development Plan
    • Vendor Selection
    • Design Release
    • Tooling Release
    • Packaging Release
    • First Article Inspection 
    • Prototype Creation and Evaluation 
    • Safety and Regulatory Evaluation
    • Market Feedback
    • Corrective Actions and Issues Report
    • Product Installation Manual / Spare Parts List
    • Financial Plan Update
    • Project Plan Update
  • Market Ready
    • Build Samples
    • Packaged Product Evaluation
    • Marketing brochures / POP Sell Sheets 
    • Corrective Action and Issues Report closure
  • Product Launch
    • Manufacturing Build Start
    • After Market Readiness Evaluation
    • Lessons Learned
    • Product Random Sampling and Inspection.

Leverage our experience to get your vision into tangible products.

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